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Asia is here…….but the Scans are dragging their feet :-(

In the fast-moving world of football predictions we previously reported that the Scandinavian leagues were all close to coming on stream. Alas, our optimism has proven to be, well, optimistic, truth be told. Finland is on-stream and performing well up to standards, but Sweden and Norway are proving to be rather more problematic.

But the team has been busy and thankfully the Asians have come galloping to the rescue – :-). Performing well so early in their season is the South Korean K-League and both the Chinese Super League and the Singaporean S-League are also well inside the 70% bracket. The two Japanese leagues (the inspirationally named J-League & J-League 2) are also bringing successful picks to the table and the Australian Victorian Premier League is on-stream as well. We’re continuing to analyse the Swedish & Norwegians and remain confident they’ll be up and running before too long.

Watch the website for a new section shortly to be added detailing leagues currently under analysis.

Happy picking…….and good luck. Naturally.