Scandinavian Leagues Close to Streaming


And so the good fight goes on – the unending search for yet more contributory leagues continues. Norway is maybe 3 weeks from going live, Sweden slightly longer and Finland a wee bit longer still. In an astonishing ‘faux pas’ by our R&D department these leagues were initially excluded from even archival analysis because they were deemed to be not lucrative enough but subsequent research has, fortunately, put the lie to that! (‘Rest assured, heads have rolled’ – Ed) Newcomers to the system might be unaware that a major objective of the system is to find leagues that will sustain our members over the more traditionally ‘arid’ summer months.

To wit, further good news, the Irish Premier league is also poised to go on-stream, after very good early season returns.

Coming soon too – the anarchic blogging of ‘Angry Andy’, the most opinionated, self-confessed relentlessly ‘angry’ football pundit we’ve managed to find on the west coast of Scotland, who will shortly begin dispensing his often odious opinions in a new blog (we censor nothing, save for ridiculously gratuitous bad language) – watch out for news on the arrival of that.

And watch out too for the return of The Whistleblower, back from a sabbatical – the system’s very own champion of sense and all things inherently logical, iterator of the seemingly patently obvious and a man on a mission to both prove the efficacy of the system (he is, after all, employed by us) and also to rubbish some of it’s more esoteric picks, bless him :-)

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