Beyond the Dardanelles


While it’s true that some of the leagues under analysis are proving difficult nuts to crack (MLS in America being a right conker!), it’s equally apparent that there are some true gems, during this summer of somnolence in Europe, that have emerged in the Far East.

It’s a fairly well-established norm here at SX2 that the top leagues in Western Europe are much harder to attain a viable margin with – for an explanation of this phenomena, see this FAQ article –  bucking that trend is the top leagues in the Far East (this current season at least). The Chinese Super League, the Korean K-League and the Japanese J-League, all at the top flight in their respective countries, are performing tremendously well. See the current percentages below:

chinaflag – Chinese Super League, currently returning @ 66.7%

koreaflag – Koren K-League, currently returning @ 74.5%

japanflag – Japanese J-League, currently returning @ 64.5%

Thats a combined current return rate of 68.8% :-)  Add to the mix the Japanese J2-League, currently returning @ 70.7% and you have a Far Eastern contribution of almost exactly 70%…… Nice  :-)

When you factor in the Scandinavian leagues currently live (Sweden are the best performing of all the leagues at time of posting) and the return to streaming of the plethora of leagues in Europe in early September, then the “El Dorado” of first-class predictions in leagues all over the world 52 weeks a year is a rising sun. How appropriate it seems to be originating from the East.

As ever, the best of luck. :-)

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